In today's competitive environment, quite often you only have one opportunity to set  you  apart from the pack.

We firmly believe that marketing in today's atmosphere cannot succeed if it is a single faceted approach to the need.  Unless it involves proper research, design, technology and communications it cannot succeed.

This is why our approach to your corporate need is totally unique to all of the other marketing and business consulting firms in the marketplace.

This is also why most of our marketing and business consulting solutions center around providing proprietary software solutions designed to brand your product and company as truly unique and then to be able to couple this proprietary software product with a standard marketing approach that is designed to give  you the competitive edge  you  need to establish your company and product as the leader in your field.

These unique proprietary software marketing programs apply to any industry and product and are affordable for any size or type of company.

We also do not believe that marketing is simply an applied art that cannot be qualified and quantified. Because our founder and CEO is a mechanical design engineer, software programmer, and professional salesman, along with being a marketing specialist, throughout his years of marketing he has developed sophisticated proprietary software system to allow us to quickly and efficiently analyze our client's specific needs.

This powerful software analysis involving literally millions of possible iterations,  allows us to quickly develop marketing solutions that punch through the competitive marketplace, past the cooperative environment and launches our clients into the collaborative world in which they learn to balance both the business and personal needs of their clients.

All of which is tied perfectly together with a client concentric marketing technology consulting solution designed specifically to the needs of the clients. With the use of technology, the technologist becomes the perfect marketer and the perfect salesman becomes the consummate technologist.

And because of the proprietary software system approach to client needs, along with the proprietary copyrighted modular software development process, even the smallest company can afford a Pennington Paul and Gilliam customer concentric marketing technology consulting solution.

Call today for your free, no obligation consulting session.  Take control of your marketing needs today.


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